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I am so, so sorry to see this! I had just looked up this site to tell the author how very much I am enjoying the Cass Shipton series, which I just discovered this past fall. My sincere sympathies to all friends and family.

I'm so saddened by the loss of your Mother! I just found out today when I came here to see if she was writing another book. She was a wonderful author whose work will keep her spirit alive! Blessed Be Dolores until we meet again!

I woke up this morning thinking about "the Ladies" and wondered if there will be another, and sadly a final, book coming out soon. These books are such fun and what a great tribute to Delores' talents.

How much of My First Murder is autobiographical?

I am saddened by the passing of your Mother, my heart goes out to you and her other family members. The first novel I read when I came to this path was "Circle of Five" and I have been a fan ever since, her " the Ghost Who" and Spirit have also given me many happy hours of reading. She will remain my favorite author as I re-read these books. She will be at peace and be with her husband in the after. Much sympathy at this time. BB Stef aka Skky

I was so saddened to hear of your Mom's passing. She was kind enough to accept my friend request on FB and as a long time fan of The Divine Circle mysteries I was thrilled. I got to know her through those posts and the occasional comment by her on mine. She will be missed.

My sincere condolences to her family, I loved Dolores's books. Renate

I was very, very sad to hear that Dolores passed over. I love the Circle books, and have read them over and over.

Just found out Delores Stewart Riccio passed away May 31st, so sad.

4/6/17 I just read on facebook that Dolores has finished a new "Circle" book the entry was in Feb. so I'm hoping it will be SOON!! Love these books, and her "Ghost Who" books. I would like to see her 1st three "Circle" books on ebooks. Please, Dolores keep sharing your talent with the rest of us. As always BB Stef aka Skky

Do you have an updated version of Superfoods?

Hi, am looking for an 11th Cass Shipton book! Do you have any plans for an 11th?

I'm loving this discussion page! I remember about 10ish years ago, when I read the first three books and emailed you, begging for more! You said your publisher didn't think there was a market... 9 sequels later, people are still begging for more... including me! And I love what you are doing with Olivia -- using the ladies as a resource...

Mary Teresa

Dolores, I just received my copy of The Ghost Who Walked in the Garden, and although I love the "Ghost" books, I'm anxious for No. 11 of the Cass Shipton (Circle) books. Will there be one? When? Thank you for writing such wonderful books!
Eve, MO

Are your first books available for e readers?

So happy to hear about the new book, Dolores, and am about to order it on Amazon. How are you doing?


Dear Dolores - just wanted you to know that Spirit has become one of my all-time favorite metaphysical fiction novels. It was such a different story with many unexpected turns, and I was so sad to finish it. I enjoy the Ladies, but Spirit is something else. The prose was beautiful and deep, as was the storyline. Thank you. Eileen

Our food editor went digging in our archives (for recipes for rabe) and ended up writing about you & your books
*rather than run a head shot of you that's a bit dated, I'm wondering if you could send me a head shot of yourself????
Anne from The Providence Journal

Oh Happy Day ! A new Divine Circle book ! How did I miss this? Hopped right on over to Amazon and got it. Yea haw ! Love this series, truly I do. Thank you I did so enjoy The Ghost Who Came Home From the Auction, and look forward to more, hopefully, but seeing the new Circle book, my heart gave a happy thump thump .All good things to you in the new year . Lynda

Thank you, yet again - My 10th Divine Circle of Ladies is 'in transit' - can't wait for it to arrive :) will be a brilliant read over Christmas period.. Exciting.

Tanya, NZ

will the new Circle book be on Kindle? Frances

Dolores, you made my day! I came on your homepage hoping there was news of another Circle book and I wasn't disappointed! I am going straight to Amazon to order it. All my best - Gracie

When will there be another Ladies book? I miss them.i look forward to their adventures every year.

Just wanted to say thank you for writing such fabulous stories. I was hooked on the Circle books, loved Spirit, and now and hoping for a follow-up to The Ghost Who Came Home from the Auction ... and another Circle story. More, please. Eve E., Independence, MO

Hi Dolores - I'm in the middle of your 9th book and am sad, knowing it's the last one for a while. I like Kat's suggestion about a prequel; that would be great. Do you plan to address Heather's heavy drinking in the next book? PS: I'd love to see a Patty Peacedale series, too. All my best, Gracie

When can we expect another Cass Shipton book?

Just finished your latest book "The Ghost Who came home from the Auction", really enjoyed this story, almost as much as "Spirit". Does the last chapter lead into another book with Olivia? A prequel to the Cass Shipton would be great about the study group and how they became such a supportive group. Thanks so much Kat

Please get in touch with me if you need assistance with proofreading (before you submit your manuscript to the editor) or with research. I am offering two hours of work free on a trial basis.

Or if you know of someone who needs help, please give them my contact information.


Good morning from NZ,

I hope this message finds you well.

I have just started reading 'The ghost who came home from the auction' :P


Can't wait for the rest of the story to unravel :D


I have all of your Circle books, with Circle of Five being my favorite (I started reading it again this evening and something made me think I should say "THANKS!"). Thanks.

I would love a 'prequel.' You know ending with their first Samhain... Hint, hint... nudge, nudge.... wink... wink. Whatever you do, I'll be standing by waiting to read it. Thanks for all your hard work. cJoy

Dolores my friend, so happy to hear about this new book!

Just wanted to add my 2-cents that I miss the "ladies" and hope they will have a new adventure real soon. Bright blessings to you and hope all is well. Thank you for the wonderful books.

I just left the last message and forgot to leave my e-mail:

Dear Dolores, it looks like we all are asking the same thing... which is when can we expect the 10th book in the Cass Shipton and her Circle of Five Books to be arriving???

hi Dolores, I fell in love with your circle ladies , and I have my husband reading them also , so I hope there will be a 10th one in the near future ..I hope your not ending it with just 9 Marilyn (Canada) thank you

Dolores, I loved your book "Spirit". Are you planning to maybe write another that is similar in style? Of course I love all the books about the "Ladies", too!. I identify with Fiona - I'm 61, and I'd love to have a satchel like hers.

I just love all of the books in your "The Divine Circle" series; especially the recipes from the ladies at the end. I am questioning/suggesting if there is an area where all of the recipes from the series can be found so that access to them is easier for when you want to recreate some good old "kitchen magic" inspired by the mystical ladies of Plymouth.
Thank You,

Any chance there is a number 10 in the works?

I also grew up in Pembroke, but now live in Vermont. I am heading down to Plymouth today to white cliffs and would love to know if there is anyone celebrating the equinox?

I love this series. Please keep writing.

Thank You.

Hello Delores:you might remember me, Al Riccio, I was the photographer at Paramount Cards working for J. Plesh way back when. I am writing to you because I am looking for reviews for a mystery I wrote revolving around greyhound racing. It is on Amazon, Only the Strong Survive by A.J.Riccio. Wonder if you could suggest a reviewer willing to read an ebook?

Let me know

Love Love Love your books!!! Any chance the whole collection will be offered as a "boxed set"? I'd love to be able to give my daughter a whole set of her own, so she'll quit sneaking away with mine! lol...adedPlare

I love the book descriptions and can't wait until they come out in electronic form. When might that be happening? -Caitlin (bookcases are overflowing and now my Calibre is taking up a good chunk of a hard drive)

Thank you, Thank you for Digging the Dirt, wish all the women of the Plymouth Circle amd Ms. Riccio lived in my town so I could enjoy such delightlful people. Enjoyed this book greatly and hope you continue to write. Are your poetry books for sale anywhere? The links on your books page aren't leading anywhere. Thank you-Kat

Hello from NZ!

I might not be enjoying some of our famous lamb (wink wink)... BUT, yes you've guessed right, I am enjoying the latest adventure about our beloved ladies! I'm half way through and wishing it would never end ... Thank you for yet another great story.


I was going to add Ladies Digging the Dirt to my next Amazon order, and suddenly it's not available in paper anywhere, just over a month from the release date. What's going on?

I just bought 'Ladies Digging Dirt' on Kindle from Amazon! Now I'm going to make a cup of tea and curl up by the fireplace and read it. What a treat!

Blessings, Victoria

Woohoo! I have been stalking the new book on Amazon and see it is now available. So looking forward to it, just what I need while waiting for the winter snow (There's a lot of it. ) to melt ! - Lynda

While on vaca in St Martin the club house had a library where visitors could share books they had read. I picked up "The Divine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief" and loved it! You have a new fan!


I see the book is now up on Amazon (yeah!) but no kindle yet -- do you know when it'll be up for kindle? I am so looking forward to reading it!

Your March poem is beautiful! Thank you for sharing that. I live all the spring colors & designs here on your site. Can't wait to read the new book!

I'm so happy that there's going to be a new book! I'm checking Amazon daily to pre-order it as soon as I can.


Dolores, I am SO looking forward to the new book!


I'm checking with Barnes & Noble and Amazon on a regular basis to pre-order "Digging." SO happy there's a new Circle book on its way to us! Thank you, Dolores.

Canpt wait for the next book. Enjoy them so much and glad Tip is back. Best wishes.

Yay! Another adventure is on its way... I'm so excited!


Tanya, NZ

Mrs. Riccio, I've kept coming back hoping for a new adventure from the Circle. Hoohah! A new one coming soon! Will be eagerly waiting! Hope the others get to Kindle soon. I have them in paperback but would like them in Kindle also. Sandy S.

G'day Dolores - I love your books and have them all in paerback. I recommend them to all my Aussie friends. The characters jump off the page and become my friends as I enter their World. I now have a Kindle and your books were the first to be downloaded to my new toy (including 'Spirit') but I can't find 'Circle of Five', 'Charmed Circle' or 'The Devine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief'. Are they available in Kindle format. I really want to complete the set and start my reading journey from the beginning but I just can't find them. Please help!

when is Digging in the dirt out ? lo ve all your books sending love and light

Hi Dolores, Decided to stop by tonight to learn if you were working on a new Cass and crew book! Looking forward to Digging in the Dirt. :)

Sending you a bunch of healing love. How are you? Virtual hugs sent your way! Best always, Tracy Brown

I am absolutely delighted to see you are on book 9! I hope you never stop writing these tales. I absolutely love the Circle, their stories and their lives. Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment. Colorado Crone

I am delighted to see an 8th book on the horizon! I want to thank you for writing it. I'm sure this year hasn't been easy and it was such an unselfish gift for you to write for us. I am divorced and recently broken hearted from a serious relationship after the divorce so I have always looked at Cass and Joe as the model relationship. He's not Pagan but he loves who she is. I've always imagined you got your inspiration from your own marriage and that gives me hope. Thank you more than you know....- Karrie ( SkyMoonSong)

Hi, I don't see that Mrs. Riccio answers the comments here but if anyone know why the books aren't published by a publishing house, could you let me know?

Thinking of you today, Dolores. I am giving gratitude for your wonderful books and the wonderful man who made you so happy. I hope today was filled with happy memories.

Erica Lynne

Hello Delores:)

I am planning an October event called There are "Witches in the Air" and was wondering if you'd like to participate and promote your Divine Circle of Ladies Series by visiting my site with an interview or guest post and maybe a giveaway?

♥Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf
melissaseclecticbookshelf at gmail dot com

Hello Delores, I see a new book coming. It's going to be a POD? or on Kindle, I have a Nook but have all your books in paperback will this be available at Amazon as a paperback??
Thanks as always for sharing your gift.
Blessed Be, Skkycloud

Ms ricco I really love your books they are very informative and entertaining. I am sorry to hear about your husband I lost my mother this year. Thank you for sharing your gifts

Hi Dolores, I am trying to find a copy of your 8th book in the Cass Shipton series. I saw where it was available on the site but no way to purchase it. Am I just missing it? Please let me know. Really looking forward to reading it. Thanks. Kim

I am so very sorry about the loss of your beloved husband. You both are in my thoughts & prayers. I hope that spring & summer bless you with beauty, abundance & peace.

Best wishes,

Just read "Things Will Never Be the Same" --how reflective that is, how lovely.

Hop you have another water related "Ladies" book coming out--we have a Siren's of the Deep Adult Mermaid Camp here that would be an interesting setting....

sorry I am looking for the poem Too Late ( A message from the grave) My daughter won several awards by this poem when she was in grade school.Please Please.

Los Angeles

I am looking for the poem Too Late Message from the grave

I have ejoyed all of your books on the Cass Shipton stories. Are you planning to write more on the circle of five?

I love your books. After getting them from the library and reading them all, I finally bought them and am reading them a second time. How wonderful to read of real women, real ages, and real magic!
I don't know how you do it, but I sure hope you have another story left in you.
My deepest sympathies to you in the loss of your husband.
Blessed be!
Colorado Crone

I was wondering if you plan to have the 8th book released on Kindle? I have physical issues that make it difficult to have a regular book now and I'd rather read than listen to a book. Must say I love the Cass Shipton series, it is great to have characters that are not 30. Thanks!! Sheelah

Ms. Riccio, I just wanted you to know how much I love your books. I am also enjoying your web site and laughed when I saw that I am engaged in doing all the things mentioned "In March."

I was so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. I know you will keep all your wonderful memories of him, but it's still awful not to have him with you. I have just done some candle work asking for solace in your sorrow and healing for all those who loved him. All my best wishes to you.

Blessed be,
Kristena Henderson

Thank you so very much for such an informative and wonderful website! Absolutely loved perusing through everything and will definitely visit often!
- Caroline from Lanark Highlands, Ontario, Canada

Dolores, just read about your beloved husband. My deepest sympathies to you.

Good Morning,

Am looking for Divine Circle of Ladies courting trouble, I see you have copies in the DSR bookstore, are there any still available, and how can I order one?

I just got Ladies Painting the Town - can't wait to start reading. Thank you, Dolores, for including all of us readers in this divine circle!

Just finished reading "Ladies Painting the Town" and it's such a wonderful story! Thank you, and please keep more Circle books coming. Also, the recipes sound scrumptious -- what about the recipe for the salad with feta cheese and garbanzo beans? More -- more, please!


hi Dolores, just popped in here and saw posts about your husband, Im sorry to hear this. Im the person who emailed you prob a year ago when my husband passed away and your books gave me a comforting place to go. Looking forward to getting your recent book. take care. Barbara

Dolores, I am so very sorry to hear of your loss of your your beloved husband. When I would read your books I always thought that you must love your husband as it came through in Cass and Joe especially. I send you solace and love , may you feel that connection between the two of you that never ends and may that bring you comfort.

Dolores, I am very sorry to hear of your great loss. Since your words have brought me enjoyment and wanted to share some old words of comfort for you:

May you see God's light on the path ahead when the road you walk is dark.
May you always hear, even in your hour of sorrow,
the gentle singing of the lark.
When times are hard may hardness never turn your heart to stone.
May you always remember when the shadows fall you do not walk alone.


I have read and loved all of your books that are available for Kindle. Unfortunately, my eyes can't handle the print in paper books anymore. I would love it if all of your books could be made available for Kindle.

Hello from New Zealand!

Just discovered the next installment of 'The Divine Circle' is available and on Kindle none the less! Soooooo EXCITED! I've just purchased it and will now become a recluse in order to best enjoy the ladies' next adventure :)

Thank you muchly



I just ordered The Divine Circle of Ladies Painting the Town. I am thrilled and can't wait to start reading! Your Circle series is the best series out none! Catt (Scar. Ont.)

I read the first of your series years ago when i worked in a bookstore. I am so happy that you have continued the 'Circle' books. I can't wait for #8.
Thank You for wonderful stories.

A new "Circle" book! This calls for a celebration. I am reading them all again, and the thought of a new one in the near future makes me feel like dancing.

Merry meet Dolores. Thank you for your books. I love your stories. I "saw" you on DorothyL, someone must have written a review. I'm glad I followed through on the "hmmmm, should see if I can find any of her stuff" urge.
I love the way you integrate Wicca and magic into your stories, and as a practicing, solitary, Wiccan Witch (for 32 years) I appreciate the respect you show. I've borrowed a couple of your ideas to freshen up my esbats.
I'm on book three and looking forward to the rest. Bright Blessings and may the muse never fail you!

I love your books and have read the first three am looking for the rest in hardback and cannot find them can you give me any idea of where I might be able to locate them.

Hi Dolores,

Regarding the Mensa AG, should you wish to contact me, you may at No, I am not soliciting you to be a speaker. I'm not on any committee. Just would like very much to meet you.

I found you and your "Circle" series in the Mensa Bulletin. I have read two of the books and have recently downloaded three more to my Kindle. Just love the characters; especially Scruffy who calls Cass "Toots". Too funny! I have been sharing the books with MY circle of friends. Do you attend AGs? Will you be at the Portland, OR, AG? What great fun it would be to meet you.

Absolutely LOVE the Circle series! I've completed all 7 so far. Will there be an 8th book? If so, when?

Dolores, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved friend. It's so hard to lose a family member like that.
Just wanted to mention, too, that I am eagerly awaiting the next in the "Ladies" series. I feel like they are my friends. You've done a great job with following not only the ladies, but the other characters as they change through the years. Keep up the good work!

So sorry to hear about your beloved Jack. Our pets are so much a part of our family and their loss is devastating. Blessings to you. I have read all your books several times and love them all. Waiting for the next! Sandy S.

Just finished "Ladies Playing With Fire". Can't wait to try the recipe at the back of the book. Also, glossary of major characters will be helpful to many. Very clever ideas, both.

However, overall, just not that thrilled with the book. Usually, as soon as I get my hands on one, I will devour it in a few sittings. Had trouble getting into this one at first, in spite of the exciting beginning. Partly because of all the glaring grammatical and syntax errors.

Some chapters seemed to have an error in every paragraph. Words would be repeated such as "was was". Or placed in the wrong position, such as before another word when they should have been after it. Or else didn't make any sense in the context. I swear there was one word that was made up. Even my computer software at home catches mistakes like this!

In one scene, Cass is astral projecting and describing what she sees, in the usual first person view. Suddenly she is "Cass", instead of "I". Very jarring. Also, I found this book disturbingly dark, even more so than the first book, which dealt with the death of a child. I read these books for light-hearted escapism (and to learn more about Wicca and paganism), but this was not that.

I found many comments and reactions to certain situations unbelievable, not at all as I would expect real people would probably talk or react. At least, in this one, Cass didn't foolishly rush off to save the day, as she often does.

And these books are not cheap! Even used ones go for at least $15 on Amazon. I want more for my money.

I finally finished the book just because I have read the others and will probably read the next one and wanted to know the background first.

Hope the next one is better.

I constantly check this site upcoming books. Since I just purchased a Kindle, I'm checking for my favorite series on Kindle. I was thrilled to find the Divine Circle of Ladies Courting Trouble and Ladies Tipping the Scales Kindle edition. Of course, I purchased them immediately and am hoping all become available in this format. Considering my
addiction to the entire series I want them available to reread at any time.

Thank you again, Dolores, for this wonderful series.

Donna Miller

Your poem, In the Herb Garden, is beautiful and resonated with me big time! I grow herbs and felt as if I was walking along my own garden noting the changes.

Now my problem will be clipping some chives to put in cottage cheese. If the faeries have laid claim to the herbs, I'll have to really watch out!


Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. It made my day. I saw it on the 12th, unfortunately, I'm having trouble leaving a message.
I love your books so much. I read the series from start to finish several times a year because they make me feel good.
I hope there are many more to come.
As I stated in one of my reviews, you must be a lovely lady indeed to have come up with such wonderful characters.
Donna Miller

Dear Delores,
mom gave me your first circle book years ago, saying "Sue this book is you!" In my youth I lectured on herbs for the Buffalo Museum's "Good Earth Festival." Mom always called me her "White Witch" and dad called me his "Little Mystic after I got the message and saved four children from drowning." Mom crossed over 2yrs this December. So last Yule I felt it was a gift from her when your book, The Divine Circle of Ladies Rocking The Boat came out. I have lent your book out to a Professor of English Lit who is now hooked on them. She told me to check out your website. Glad I did. You would have loved the "Goddess Party" I threw for my 50th on the Autumn Equinox 3yrs ago. A small intimate affair complete with poetry readings, Autumnal wreath crowns, staff making, drumming, and of course a circle complete with wands I make. A circle of six close friends. In closing I say, Thank you from the heart from Mom and me. Sue Drozd-Kowalski BellaEarthica Corfu/Buffalo, NY

Evening Dolores!

Was pleasantly surprised for as I was about to purchase the 5th and 6th I was informed that the 7th was only released 3 days earlier. You can imagine my excitement. I mean it was meant to be!!!

What can i say about reading the new books?? I didn't realise how much I had missed those ladies!! Loved each of the books sooo much!

Really hope there are many many more to come...


Thank you for writing the Circle books, Dolores. I rarely keep fiction I've read (and our house is furnished with books), but those five ladies have become friends who inspire. Must admit, in "Ladies Playng with Fire" I rather hoped the Deere character would meet an accidental end. I see too many like him in my work. But thank you for reminding us about all the good on this Earth! Judith

Greetings Dolores
Will you announce when The Divine Circle of Ladies Tipping the Scales is ready? I keep checking Amazon and now I see it may be awhile. Will you be selling copies of Tipping the Scales? It takes so much longer to get in Canada and I can barely wait!
I have all your books my most favorite is the one you autographed for me but I love them all. The ladies seem like someone you could meet if you were in the right place and Spirit is amazing.
So looking forward to more. Thank you for sharing with us.
Blessings Judi

Dolores reading your Circle books is refreshing, fun, and I always learn something new! Your women are real, and I think most women can relate to what they are eperiencing. I love that they are so , dare I say "normal", lol all women have some level of intuitivness and can find something of themselves in your characters, not to mention, the plots are so exciting! I am a professional astrologer & psychic by trade, & I love the fact that I can snuggle up with one of The Circle Books and lose myself for several hours in a world that excites and stimulates without coming across as trite! Keep it up! You can't push them out fast enough for me!! Love Ya my fellow Pisces....Maureen Rothwell

I just bought your first two books at Half Price books, read and loved them! Can't wait to read all the rest of your circle books. Thanks so much for writing them.

Hello Dolores - I hope this note finds you happy, healthy, and well. Last week, on a whim, I visited your site, wondering if you published another book after "Courting Trouble." Imagine my happy surprise to see not one, but TWO "new" books!

So I ordered both from Amazon. I'm about 50 pages in and I just want to say... oh... it's so good to spend time with "The Circle" again. :) Thank you so much for your work!

All my very best to you,
Tracy Brown

Having just read Ladies Playing with Fire, I find once again the Circle series does not disappoint! An enthralling read from beginnig to end. I was so happy to once again be reading a book that I just could not put down. Through family strife,the damage of an out of control arsonist to the ever present bonds of family and friendship...the reader is wrapped in the magic of this story. On to Ladies Rocking the Boat! Catt (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

Amazing! I just totally consumed by your first three books, having read them over the christmas holidays. I loved them!! Was so excited to find out my library had the fourth so I rushed over there to get it! You've crafted an amazing series with beautiful and powerful women. I can't wait to read the next two!
Blessings and thanks to you and your creative muse.

WOW, what a gift today with the release of "The Divine Circle of Ladies Rocking the Boat". I am not sure who is handling your publishing, but now that things are fixed this is the greatest thing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. This is wonderful and you have made my day!!!

I just found your books! I finished the first and have ordered the second. I love this! Thank you for writing. I'll read them all quickly so keep writing!

I just read Circle of Five for the third (or fourth? I've lost count)time and am reading Charmed Circle again. So glad to hear we can expect book six soon!

Dolores, the whole series is a delight, and it makes me feel like dancing to read that there is another adventure in production now. "Playing With Fire" was such a lovely reading experience that I went back and read it again last week - it was as good the second time as it was the first time. Cate Kerr

Hi Dolores! I'm having a heck of a time finding the Ladies Playing with Fire. Do you have any copies to sell? If so, do you take PayPal? Thanks!

I was very excited to get your latest book Ladies Playing with Fire, from Amazon, and have almost completed it. Spent a couple of nights reading late into the early morning, because I couldn't put it down. I missed these characters and feel that I'm peeking into the lives of some old friends. I can't wait for your next book. Keep writing your stories and we'll keep reading them!
All the best,
Michelle, Frederick, MD

Hi Ms. Riccio---I have the first three books of the Divine Circle..Fabulous and funny. Still need 4 and 5 but I will catch up sooner or later! You have an awesome talent. I just read the snippet of SPIRIT and now I'm going to have to get it...I'm hooked!! I'm definately looking forward to more books from you. Teri G., Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Just finished Ladies Playing with Fire -- wow! I like that it's a bit grittier, makes the ladies seem all the more real. Anxious for the next installment! Robin B. -- South Dakota

Just finished "Ladies Playing With Fire" and I truly believe this is the best yet! I got it and started reading it on my birthday! What a lovely gift! The ladies are moving forward in their lives and changing, and I hope to be able to visit with them for years to come. What a beautiful talent you have for storytelling, Mrs. Riccio. Blessings on you. Sandy S.

Dolores, thank you for Spirit. It was a wonderful read in an area that is so Bible belt that it hurts. We came to rural MO for the natural world and I find myself working at a rural library branch and leading a book group discussion that is fraught with complexities. Love your web site as well. Linda Brunner Stockton, MO

Finished Ladies Playing with Fire and hated to have it end. I'm hoping Joe will change his mind in future books!
Eve,Independence, MO

Just started the new book, bought it from Amazon, I was SO HAPPY to see it. They suggested it to me as I ordered something else, and I was like "Why didn't I know about this?" haha! Enjoying it already... it's like getting back together with old friends! Moonchild Diva in Motown

Just ordered my copy of Ladies Playing with Fire and can't wait to get it. For those who are anxious, it is on Amazon now. YEA!!!!!. Thanks, Mrs. Riccio! My long wait is almost over! Sandy S.

Hi Delores: My friends and I were just discussing on the beach this past week, how much we missed the circle of ladies books! Today I took a chance and looked on and saw that you got a new publisher! I have ordered The Devine Circle of Ladies Playing With Fire and I can't wait to catch up with the ladies and I look forward to reading the next one as well. - Tina and the ladies at the beach

We all just ordered our copies of The Divine Circle of Ladies Playing With Fire from can't wait to read it! And we are eagerly looking forward to the Autumn and another circle book! Victoria from California and her sisters and friends

I clicked on the Amazon link and your new book isn't showing there yet. Do you know when it might show up on Amazon? 6-29

Will we be able to get autographed 1st editions?!

Hi Dolore-- Please don't ever take your Feb soups recipes off the site!!!!

I can't wait to read your upcoming Circle books! I miss the ladies and their adventures. Do you know when the book will be available to purchase? A newsletter is a great idea or perhaps a simple email address sign-up sheet on your website (available only to be viewed by you), so that you could send a "group" email out to those of us want to be notified of the books release date quickly!

Let us know!
Michelle, Frederick, Maryland

YES! Not one, but two, new Circle books to look forward to reading this year. We can't wait! Victoria in California and her sister and friends

Oh and one more thing (yeah, that's me below...) We need to get you set up with a newsletter sign up list! :) That way fans like me won't miss such fabulous news! - Tracy Brown

Where have I been?? The latest at the publisher?? (The walls are vibrating with my cheers!) Dolores, you have made my night! I cannot wait to read The Divine Circle of Ladies Playing with Fire!

While I do love your witty and whimsical "Circle" books -- and will definitely get "Playing with Fire" when it's released (btw, if you own a Kindle, you can get "Ladies Courting Trouble" for $8 and change) -- I must decline getting your husband's book. I've grown very weary of all the anti-Government books. I have worked for the covert agencies for decades, and can tell you there are few people who've earned my respect more than these folks. They are not rabid, not extremist, not bloodthirsty... but they are brave enough, and love our country enough, to do whatever must be done to keep us safe... all the while we're endlessly criticizing them. You truly have no idea the risks they face...

Dolores, what fantastic news! I've already checked on Amazon to see if I could pre-order the latest, but I guess I'm jumping the gun. I'll keep checking though. Feels like a VERY LONG time since the last Circle book and I'm thrilled another will be out soon! Eve Eighmy, Independence, MO

April 16, 2009 The news of your 5th book coming out is GREAT, and I will be watching for the news as to when so that I can order it right away!!! I'd like to know if your previous books will be reprinted so that my friends can get the books they are missing, I have them all. Thanks for all the wonderful hours spent with Cass, Scruffy and the rest of the ladies and the characters that surround them. One of many of your fans. Blessed Be Skky

When will your other books be published? I found book 4, but want some more.

Hello! I am sad to sad to say that I have not had the pleasure of reading your books. I've been searching for them for the past few years to no avail. Is there any chance they'll be made available as ebooks? I hope so. Thanks, Melissa

I absolutely love the Circle books and have been waiting ever so patiently (well, not really) for the latest additions. I really miss the girls! If positive thought can make it happen, then hopefully we'll be reading soon. Thank you for writing such an entertaining, engrossing and unforgettable series.

I love the Circle books and am thrilled to hear that more will be coming this year. Every since I bought the first four books a couple of years ago, I have been checking, Barnes and Noble, etc., every month to see if you had any new Circle books published. I can't wait, and neither can my sisters and friends, who also love your books, for the new ones to be published! Victoria in California 2-19-09

I've been waiting too. I love the books. I'm a published author and I know how difficult publisher's can be. Your agent cannot stop trying to sell those books. As an aside, Kensington published my first six, then I moved on to Avon, and now I'm at NAL. Do whatever it takes, but please get those next books back on the shelves. We need good writers, Dolores. Don't let us down. Judi McCoy

I've been waiting too. I love the books. I'm a published author and I know how difficult publisher's can be. Your agent cannot stop trying to sell those books. As an aside, Kensington published my first six, then I moved on to Avon, and now I'm at NAL. Do whatever it takes, but please get those next books back on the shelves. We need good writers, Dolores. Don't let us down. Judi McCoy

I've been waiting for such a long time to get a new story on Cass and her crazy circle of friends in her "Book Club", and was so dismayed to learn that you were having such a hard time getting books 5,6, and the work -in-progress to be published. What is wrong those people! This series is wonderful and from the looks of it, are very popular, too. Willow Tree Press publishes M.R. Sellars books in which the main character, Rowan Linden Gant, a witch, solves crimes that set the blood racing. Might be worth investigating, at the very least. Good luck and may good fortunes smile upon you in your efforts to publish the next three books for all of us to enjoy.~~Denise, Hillsborough, NC

Dolores! You will let us know when the new Circle books become available and how we can get them? We are so looking forward to this! ---Barb

Delighted to hear there are still new Circle books in the wings. I'd like to suggest that you consider e-publishing (which is something I would never have contemplated just a year or so ago!). Also, you might want to consider joining Novelists, Inc., which is just a treasure house of information and resources for professional novelists ( There has been quite a lot of discussion about epublishing there, as well as authors starting their own presses (take a look at for examples of this--those are other places that the Circle books might find a home!). I'm being very selfish about this because I love your books and I don't want to find that I can't read any more of them!

What wonderful news that more Circle books will be available in 2009! My friend and I are both eargerly waiting....the characters and stories are too wonderful not to be will happen when it is meant to. I look forward to reading it soon. Thank you for sharing these stories with us....they are truly inspirational. I read them when I was converting from Catholicism to was a wonderful guide. Denyse in MA

Oh Joyful Yule news! More Circle books? I miss these beautiful Womyn! I agree with "what's wrong with publisher's these days?" Look at the dreck that fills the shelves! I will hold on to hope for new books! Until we can "MerryMeet" again! Blessings, Kim

WWOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Circle books coming in 2009. Yea, sign me up I'll take em all. And I know of a few others that will be ready. Good luck Dolores in whatever you do, you're fans are behind you...Have a wonderful Yule! BB Skky, WPB Fl

Absolutely loved the books, as everyone else has already said, I too am waiting for some bright minded publisher to wake up and smell the coffee. You have an avid fan base out here and someone needs to wise up and grab you up. Have also passed the book "Circle of Five" around, only to get it back very shortly as everybody runs out to buy their own copies of all the books. Was glad to see Madelyn Alt has commented here as she is also on the top of my list as authors go. Hope you have a wonderful Yule and a publisher is close in your future and ours too!!! Blessed Be Skky WPB Fl

Happy Thanksgiving, Dolores, and Merry Meet!!! I'm starting to re-read my set of Circle books in anticipation of the rest of them. May the Goddesses bestow their blessings upon you! Blessings! Melissa

Yahoo!! New stories!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dolores. The Wheel turns Thanks for keeping on keeping on--Julie Komenda

Happy Thanksgiving! And what great news! Please be sure to let us know when the Circle books are published! Eve Eighmy

Dropping by to say hello, wish you a happy Thanksgiving day, and extend my wishes for the next in the Circle series to be published! Hope things are going well on that end! Love and Hugs, Tracy Brown

I love your series but am having a hard time getting one of the novels. I found the last one in the local library. Thank you for shining positive light on witches. Elizabeth

I am waiting impatiently and tapping my fingers. What's wrong with publishers these days?! (or, any news on the new books being available yet?) Good luck, Ms. Riccio!

I am an avid reader of your books. I can't believe you don't have a publisher. I have some friends who have publishers through Alexandrian Archives, and Dorothy Morrison is using Willow Tree Press. Please try one of those. Just a suggestion.

At the risk repeating everyone else here ... We must have more Circle books! If you self publish, I promise to buy two or three just so I can have one. I'm sure others would be willing too. We are that connected with these people and their lives. It would be a dream come true to just slip into one of your stories and live as one of these ladies. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Audrey, Missouri

Dolores-- After reading the first of the Circle series, I was hooked! I just finished reading Charmed Circle today, and can't wait to read the next in the series. I recently realized that I am Pagan, and am trying to learn about various Pagan traditions, rituals, and beliefs. After working full time everyday as a children's librarian, however, I am often in the mood to read a fun fictional book rather than a heavy non-fiction book. Your Circle series books provide a perfect mix of everything: a bit of a thrill, some adventure, some romance, some magic, some spirituality, some crime-fighting, and educational tidbits about Wicca. When reading your books, I can feel relaxed and have fun while still learning bits and pieces about a Pagan tradition. Thanks for providing some thoroughly enjoyable reading. Also, your poetry is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Blessed Be-- Angela

Adore your books! Please let us know when the next books are published!! We love your books!! Polly

Thank you for sharing A Psalm for Gaia. It is lovely, moving and very well written. I hope you don't mind if I share it at my Lammas circle. I hope that Llewallyn falls in love with the Circle series or you decide to self publish - whatever is best for you! Maybe we could pay through Pay-pal and you email us the book! Just a thought! Brightest Blessings -Karrie

Wow! I've been wondering where the new books are. I simply cannot believe that no one will publish them! I'm addicted, and can't wait to see what else the crazy gals have up their collective sleeves! Is there anyway we can petition??? Khelsei S. Corydon, In

Merry Meet Dolores: I have been reading the circle series since day one and have been wondering why I haven't been able to find a new one, now I know. I just wanted you to know how I've missed the adventures of the friends. I've turned so many others onto your books and really can't wait for the next ones. There is a small publisher in Maine I believe it is york publishers and the Red/Weiser, they are small, but have a good amount of wiccan/pagan types books. Good luck in finding a new publisher. Looking forward to the next release. Blessings, Marie Mitchell

Hi Dolores: How refreshening, a group of interesting, talented, magical and "mature" women in a series of books I just couldn't put down when I started reading them. How short sighted that another publisher hasn't snatched you up. My intuition tells me that situation is about to change. I am looking forward to the continued adventures of the circle of ladies.Bev

Dolores, have been reading your books since the first didn't have a second. Waited at the doors of the bookstore to greedily get the next, let my High Prietess read "Circle of Five", she got thru the first 4 or 5 chapters & went out to buy the first 2, (at that time) the ladies in the coven have read & love them. Hope you find a publisher that appreciates your work soon. Have also mentioned your books on Pagan Space in the book club my High Priestess started. Looking forward to the girls getting into things soon, soon, soon!!!!!!! Good Luck & Blessed Be Skky

Hi Dolores.. thinking of you. Read a book this weekend and Bantam is her publisher. The whole time I read this book, I kept thinking, this is right up there with the "Circle books." Have you tried Bantam? By the way, I selfishly vote for you to self-publish online copies of your next two books. I would definitely pay $20 per book if you "did the online thing." And I'll email you my address just in case you are ever so inclined... All my best, in Love and Light, Tracy Brown

Dolores, Please accept my condolences on the passing of Britta. I often wonder why we feel the need to look to the stars for companionship in the universe when at our feet often stands the closest friends we could have. Please continue writing the series! Can you do an e-book like the Kindle books on Amazon? Any form would work for me--my own copies are worn from passing them around. Your writing is so clear I even bought your cookbook. Greetings from Weeki Wachee, home of the fabulous Mermaids! Julie

Hi Dolores, My sisters and I love your books and really, really want another one. Two summers ago we rented a house at Plymouth for a week and expected to bump into Cass and her friends, they were so real to us. Maybe you need the Plymouth CoC to get you a new publisher! Tell them you bring peopele form New Jersey, Michigan and South Dakota to Plymouth. Nancy

Hi Dolores - Have you tried Llewellyn Publishers? They specialize in books for Wicca, tarot, etc. Also, I'd recommend doing a search through Amazon on other fiction series that deal with New Age topics and find out who their publishers are. For example, in Amazon I searched for "Eight of Swords." It's a tarot/detective series. The entry provides the publishing information - this series is published by St. Martin's Minataur. Then Amazon will list other similar books. Click on them and find out who their publishers are. Signet and Berkley were the publishers of other series. I wish you the best of luck. Am missing the "Circle" series a lot!

hi Dolores- I second the motion for you to self publish I know I would buy the book from you. Even if you had an e book that would be great Kaye from Florida no mo snow for me!

Hi Dolores - I have sent several pleading notes to the publisher to no avail. I think the idea of self publishing is great I would definitely buy from you. I love your books! Kaye from Florida, formerly MA so no mo snow for me!

Dolores - I have all your books and give them for presents to my more spirit aware friends. Thanks for writing an entertaining series of stories centered on a supportive group of adventurous wise women. Be well - sending positive thoughts. Jan

Please self publish. Everyone is waiting patiently for a new Circle book.We can buy direct from you. I think Amazon also has a self publishing program. Anything to get a new Circle book to us. Blessings Louise

I love the Circle books, they are so much fun to read ~ I feel like part of that great group of women! These books are not only the best written of their type that I have read, & I read alot but, the Wiccan faith is finally written accurately. Thank you, can't wait for more. Please find a new publisher or self publish, will send good thoughts and spells your way.

I didcovered you with your first "Circle of Five" Book. Loved it and the others that followed. I am trying to get a copy of Spirit from the Library now. Please get going on another Circle book for us. Stories are wonderful. Blessed be, Snow

I second (ninth, tenth?) the idea of self publishing. How about a site like

I just discovered the wonderful Circle series. I LOVE the books. I want more. I will be sending an email to your publisher today! Bridget

Madelyn Alt here. Dolores, I just wanted to tell you I'll be jotting off an email to Kensington, too. Your books are wonderful, and they deserve to be published. Also, I just sent off a note to recommend them to a paranormal mystery list that I'm on. They're always looking for series to glom on to. Keep the faith! Much love, Mad

Can't you get a different publish? There are so many books out there that are no where near as good as yours. Maryann

Just finished reading the first three Circle books. I found them charming, delightful, and entirely plausible! I love the portrayal of a group of friends who live life in a positive and magical manner, support each other with love and friendship, and avoid negativity in their lives and thoughts. I have to admit, though, that Scruffy is my favorite character, makes me wonder if I'm just not listening hard enough to my own canine companion! Thank you for a great read. I plan to find book four and "Spririt", and have emailed a note to your publisher encouraging publication of books five and six. Peace, Beth in Pacifica, CA.

1/9/08 Just dashed off an email to your publisher pleading with her to publish the next two books - will let you know if I get a response. Gerry in RI

Need a new Cirles book. It is Winter 2007/2008 and could use a good read for the winter. Isn't there anything you can do to get a new book published. I just love your books and need more soon.......

I absolutely love the books! I've read 1-3 and am trying (in vain) to find #4. Any chance of switching publishers or self-publishing? I sent a little email of enouragement to publish to your editor. Am hoping it will help!

Loved all of the books! Have read them many times! Having recently lost a much beloved kitty, I was reading one of the books when the new kitty found us! Have named her "Wicca" and it suits her perfectly! The next stray hit my driveway several days ago (in the middle of the last book) and will name her "Fey" if her humans don't come forward. I also vote for a new publisher--what if the next animal hits the house, and the new books aren't out! LOL!!! Cindye in FL

I just discovered your books. Read the first two from the library and finding it difficult to get the last two. The third one is going for about 1$12.00 which I can do but they want $43.00 for th last one. Can the publisher, not only get the new ones out but do a reprint on the others so that we can get them at a reasonable price. Love the books, characters, story lines! Virginia from Iowa

I just discovered your books. Read the first two from the library and finding it difficult to get the last two. The third one is going for about 1$12.00 which I can do but they want $43.00 for th last one. Can the publisher, not only get the new ones out but do a reprint on the others so that we can get them at a reasonable price. Love the books, characters, story lines! Virginia from Iowa

I just discovered your books. Read the first two from the library and finding it difficult to get the last two. The third one is going for about 1$12.00 which I can do but they want $43.00 for th last one. Can the publisher, not only get the new ones out but do a reprint on the others so that we can get them at a reasonable price. Love the books, characters, story lines! Virginia from Iowa

I love the Ladies and am frothing at the mouth, for the next 3 books. AND feel like I live next doot to you.. Peace, Love and Light...Jessica, Sandwich, Ma

Self-publish. is supposed to be a great way to do it. You have lots of readers just waiting for more of Cass and her friends. I just wrote to Kensington to give a little more encouragement. Also, thanks for the comment on your site about liberating animals from the threat of death. My mother is suffering from Alzheimer's. We took her, her two dogs, and one of her cats -- the only one we could capture -- to live with us. This poor thing was starving to death. Mom threw dry food in various places around the house to feed her pets, but "Penny," what I named the cat, had such bad gum infections, she could barely eat. After a couple of vet visits, she's thriving and has gained almost 7 pounds. She's toothless now,and eats all the mushy canned catfood she can get down. Everytime I'm in the same room with her, it's as if she's thanking me for taking her in. Eve, Kansas City

I LOVE your books and am hoping there is more to come in the Circle series! I myself am a practicing Wiccan and I am so glad someone is out there depicting Witches and Wiccans in such a true, positive light!

Thank you so much for writing the Circle ladies like real wiccans, and not settling for the "fluff-bunny" magic of so many books. It's good to have ladies who think about harm and the banish the thought (and I love how Fiona warns "I could- Oh yes, but I won't-but I could". It's nice to have wiccans who are not portrayed as holier than thou, but as real people with temptations.

I, too, am in great need of a "Circle" fix! I loaned a couple of friends your books. They enjoyed them so much that they bought their own copies to read and re-read! Any chance the "Circle" book will come out on audio? Thanks and Be Blessed! Melissa Eustis, Florida

I need to see how Scruffy trains Raffles to harass Cass! Kensington needs to get a move on! I miss all the ladies of Plymouth. Have not read the the books just once, but many times. I love them all. So glad 5 and 6 are in the works. Thanks. Sandy, waiting in Florida

I am clearly a greedy individual! I simply cannot wait to get my hands on the next "Circle" book. Let your publishers know, your readers are hungry for more! You really can engage the reader, Ms. Stewart-Riccio. In fact, I have taken some personal inspiration from your books to go after my own dreams! Sign me, eagerly waiting, Tracy Brown.

how absolutely hilarious! my thought was also "i need a new circle book fix... i can't wait any longer" (wailing) These ladies and scruffy make me smile and feel all warm inside. And ohhhh another perhaps fast on its heels? very exciting! eagerly awaiting book number five, veegee gorman please add my message to the others that i am visualizing you showing to your book publisher or editor

I'm thinking we all need to write Kensington and tell them to get their butts in gear. I need my fix!!!

I have read all the Circle books, and I need a new fix. Tell those publishers to hurry up! Robin-North Carolina

Please tell me there are (many) more Circle books coming out soon! I miss the Ladies!!!

Your books were a recent and blessed find. Delighted to see Wicca in a positive light and with characters tempted by black wishing as I find myself sometimes feeling the same in regards to ex-husbands. Lori

Just popping by to send some well wishes! So looking forward to the next book(s)! You are just a joy to read! Best Blessings to you and yours, Tracy

Absolutely need to find the rest of the "just Desserts" spell

Looking forward to your next circle book... i wish your publishers would hurry!

Hello, Just wanting to know if there will be another book in the Circle series and if so when it will be released? I'm going through withdrawl. Thanks, Sue

The Circle books are the perfect combination of love, laughter, friendship, mystery...and of course a touch of magic! DSR is at the top of my 'favourite authors' list! Cathi- Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

I liked spirit quite a lot.

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DS: Sorry to hear about Ottone, really. Since I saw you both in Duxbury, I moved to Chatham, then to St John VI, then rushed to Miami for a TURP ... which went septic. Went blind, and returned to Plymouth. Now in Mansfield; uninspiring venue but friendlier than Plymouth (not that I don't still have friends there).

Enjoy your writing still. And your cooking almost as much!

As the sepsis blinded me, I'm now stuck on Talking Books -- which you should read for !!! Do jot a note when you have a chance. I know Sand Hills as I used to bike up there, then tapped my way up. Used the farm store alot.

Richard Dey .
15 Park 203, Mansfield MA 02048

So happy to see the 8th Divine Ladies book is coming out -- but WHEN?? I usually pre-order books when possible. Eve, Independence, MO

I bought books 5 & 6 from Amazon just 2 weeks ago. Got them 2 days ago and read number 5 nonstop. I read the chapter with Will's death while soaking in the tub last night and cried. Read the chapter with Dee's kidnapping and assault today and cried. I've always identified with Dee, I'm married to a red headed Irishman, who is a police officer and Marine Veteran. We have 4 kids and I've always been a crafty wiccan myself. So that book really hit home for me! I have all of your Circle books now, and will keep buying them as long as you keep writing them. Big smile! Brightest Blessings *

MM Ms.Riccio,

Thoroughly enjoyed Circle of Five... it strikes very close to home.. enjoyed the thrill (though hahaha I found no Sachem St. in Plymouth but definitely one in Middleborough) I love your description of Plymouth... we could almost follow the ladies trek about the town! I look forward to many more adventures...

Not to worry about a proof reader, I loved "Fire" just as it was. waiting for the next one and how delightful it's on Halloween!
Many Blessings.

So glad to hear that a new Circle book is coming out! It's been way too long since we last saw what Cass & the ladies are up to.

Can you please announce what's happening w/the publication of more Circle books? I couldn't find an announcement here on your site, but since other people posting seem excited, they know something I don't! I'd LOVE more info about upcoming publication of the books. Thank you!

Absolutely loved the books, as everyone else has already said, I too am waiting for some bright minded publisher to wake up and smell the coffee. You have an avid fan base out here and someone needs to wise up and grab you up. Have also passed the book "Circle of Five" around, only to get it back very shortly as everybody runs out to buy their own copies of all the books. Was glad to see Madelyn Alt has commented here as she is also on the top of my list as authors go. Hope you have a wonderful Yule and a publisher is close in your future and ours too!!!

I really loved your Circle books. There are so many teen wicca titles out there so it was a surprise to come across your titles. I read them all. Passed them on to my Mom, who loved them. Then she gave them to her Mom, my Grandma to read and my little catholic Grandma finally understood what it meant for me to "have my own kind spirituality". These woman begin to feel like our friends and we want to know what will happen next for all of them. Good luck with new publishing!! Best wishes. --carmen

Hello Dolores, Tracy in Rochester here... Wish so much that I had a "Circle book" to enjoy during my vacation! Have you looked into "New Page books"? ( ) Your "friend next door" writing is not only hard to resist, it makes one yearn for Cass and crew to move into the neighborhood! If you ever self-publish the two "unpublished", consider me a buyer at! Best Blessings! Tracy

Can you add to the site somewhere--some good on-line places to buy herbal remedies, etc? Thanks! Cindye

hi i just sent an email to kensington and then i tried to send an email to you at the comcast address you have elsewhere on this site and it was returned... do you have an email we can reach you at? veegee

hi... :) how are you? is everything okay? are there anymore circle of five books in the offing? please please say yes. i hope you and yours are doing well... i so enjoy visiting with your characters and i guess i will have to reread the four and oh! i didnt know about Spirit... read that too! :) thank you so much for what you have already given us :) veegee

I thought I would peruse your site to find out when #5 is coming out.... very disappointed with your news, but I've sent my email to the editor. I hope it does some good. There is nothing like the "Ladies" on a cold winter night.....

I just wanted to let you know, I am having a Ladies Circle meltdown waiting for the next one.. I just love this series and the wonderful faces of us all, moderns, in such a fun and adventurous way...I wish a Coven of Ladies would pop into my life for sharing times...Is there a way to "join" your newsletter? In order to receive it via email?

I e-mailed Kensington AGAIN. Maybe you need a new publisher!

Get a new publisher, sell the books directly to us! We must have our circle ladies fix. Hurry your public awaits. Blessings to you and all circle lady fans everywhere, Jewell

I love your books and cannot wait for books 5 and 6. I truly hope that number 6 will not be the last. Please let us know if you have anything new in the works. Your books a very entertaining and inspiritual. I am not a Wiccan but have always been open to all religions and I found your books fascinating. Corrine

Wanna know if you are going to write more stores about those wonderful ladies! I would love to read more! Hungry for new books!!!! By the way Love your site!

Wanna know if you are going to write more stores about those wonderful ladies! I would love to read more! Hungry for new books!!!! By the way Love your site!

Wow! You've been busy -2 books ready for the press- I can hardly wait! Hope your Beltaine was blessed and as wonderful as it was for me! Thanks for writing great books and exposing readers to the real Wiccan religion! - Karrie

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho


The 8th Cass Shipton Adventure
As the Harvest Moon rises over the Atlantic, the fantastic five embark on an adventure that spans two continents--coming to the aid of a disturbed ex-model in Plymouth, Massachuetts, then flying off to Rome, Italy, to rescue a dear friend and paint the town their own brand of reckless red.
The 7th Cass Shipton Adventure
THE DIVINE CIRCLE OF LADIES TIPPING THE SCALES The ladies of the Circle are rushing to the rescue again, crusading for the Goddess of Justice in their own preternatural way—even if that means tipping Her scales a bit.
The 6th Cass Shipton Adventure
All aboard for high seas and misdemeanors! A cruise through the Bermuda Triangle--right in time to celebrate Samhain. How can Cass Shipton and her bewitching circle resist such an enchanting prospect?
The 5th Circle Adventure
The bewitching ladies of the Wiccan Circle of Five have returned for more crime-solving escapades on the historic South Shore of Massachusetts.
The 4th Circle Adventure
The most fascinating women in Plymouth MA are back in action solving a case of multiple poisonings with their unorthodox recipe of magic, clairvoyance, and good old common sense. Kensington Books 2005
Kensington Books, November 2003.
Kensington Books, March 2003.