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Dolores at Stonehenge in June. This awesome trip was a gift from my daughter Lucy-Marie Sanel.

Rick and I in Warwick...happy days.

Britta in Warwick RI

With Sidd (Siddhartha), a friend forever remembered.

Second collection of poems The Nature of Things

My collection of poems published 2008 by Bellowing Ark. A new collection The Nature of Things is also available. To buy either book, contact me for private sale or or mail to Cover photo of Doors to the Universeis by Cate Kerr, whose accomplished art photos can be seen at

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Author of Circle of Five and its sequels; Spirit; The Ghost Who Came Home from the Auction; Superfoods - a cookbook series; and two collections of poems, Doors to the Universe and The Nature of Things


March 20, the Spring Equinox—\
Blessings of Ostara to All

Long before modern times, ancient religions celebrated this turn of the year’s cycle toward the light. The Pagans named it Ostara, or Lady Day or the Rites of Spring. Later, the Jews celebrated Passover and the Christians celebrated Easter around the same time of year.

Symbols of the season are the egg, the lily, the bunny, and the lamb. The ancient Egyptian and Persians gave multi-colored eggs, symbol of new beginnings, to one another at the dawn of the vernal equinox. An animal renowned for its fertility, the rabbit (bunny, hare) was sacred to the Pagan goddess Eastre or Eostre, herself a spring goddess of fertility. (How the bunny came to lay eggs at Easter is lost in the murky folktales of Europe.) The lily represents spring’s beauty blossoming forth after the drudgery of winter. The lamb is an ancient icon of innocence and sacrifice.

It’s a lovely time of year to blossom out with bright new ambitions and dedications. Write your wishes for self-growth as you would plant seeds to be nourished by the return of the sun. Or write them on an egg and bury the egg outdoors so that the Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, will hear the whispering of your heart.
Every year, Earth gets to begin again, and so do we.


In March

What’s needed is a freshening of outlook,
spring cleaning—rooting out the bitter rinds
of winter lurking in some kitchen nook,
a wizened orange that we cannot find.
It’s time to weed out all those old dolors,
to look for loopholes in the hidebound law.
What’s needed here are gypsy-dancing colors,
the crocus starting up through last year’s straw,
a loosening up of some tight-fisted buds,
a swish of yellow willow brooms, a hint
of resurrection stirring through the blood,
a thorough mop-up of time’s icy footprints,
a listening to the wind tune up its strings,
a shaking out of damp and mildewed wings.

Dolores Stewart

Just in time for Samhain!

A family ghost. A lost treasure. A vengeful enemy from the past. A would-be Jack the Ripper. The Circle of Five takes off on another wild, wacky adventure!

London bridge is falling down, falling down, my fair lady…when the fair ladies of Plymouth, Massachusetts, meet at Burial Hill to raise the ghost of Heather’s sea captain ancestor, they don’t expect to be sent flying across the Atlantic in search of a mysterious family treasure!

Clever, clairvoyant Cass; intrepid Heather , champion of animals in need; wickedly witty Phillipa; feisty young mom Deidre; and wise woman Fiona—they’re five ordinary women, everyday Wiccans, who get together to sip tea, trade stories, and work the odd spell. With the exciting prospect of an impromptu holiday, they’re really looking forward to a few merry days in England, shopping, sight-seeing, and taking in the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge. Yet somehow, they soon find themselves embroiled in another harrowing adventure, facing evil-doers both at home and abroad

Armed with their high spirits, good old-fashioned common sense, and a few quirky paranormal talents, they’re always ready to combat evil wherever they find it. But this time they’ll have their hands full dealing with a talented young psychopath bent on revenge, a ghost-guarded Aztec artifact, and an obsessed furniture importer out to restore the family honor—challenges that will call upon all their powers and test the magic of friendship as never before. Get set for another walk on the wild side with the five fabulous witches-next-door!


Haunted by the spirit of an ancient Druid chieftain, a young woman comes to terms with her her unusual powers.

TWO NEW BOOKS! Available on Amazon and on Kindle.

SPIRIT A romance of past and present lives.

Brigit, a young woman gifted with clairvoyant abilities, struggles to come to terms with her unusual powers in a story that spans the late 1930s through World War II. As a lonely child growing up on the Isle of Man, Brigit turns for companionship to her imaginary friend Michael.

Later, while Brigit is working with psychic researchers studying her skill as a medium, Michael reappears as her control. He identifies himself as the spirit of an ancient Druid priest. Michael guides Brigit through her personal crises and various adventures in which she employs her paranormal powers in the war effort.

In order for the time-crossed couple to consummate their deep love, Michael takes spiritual possession of intelligence officer James Grey. Brigit and Michael share an idyllic time together in war-ravaged England until, as Grey, Michael must return to the fighting The story of Brigit is bracketed by the present-day experiences of Brigit’s daughter Michelle, who is excavating the cairn on the Isle of Man. In the aura of past lives and passions, Michelle falls in love with the chief archeologist and finds the strength to fulfill her own life.

"Spirit is enthusiastically recommended reading as being a particularly unique and touching story embedded with both a necessary hope and ultimate renewal." MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"...enchanting novel..." MENSA BULLETIN


When Olivia Andreas goes to an auction with her friend Jamie Finch, she doesn’t expect to bring home a ghost!

A professional records organizer who starts every day with a “To Do” list and is always on time for appointments, Olivia is not a believer in the paranormal or even an afterlife. In fact, she never glances at her astrology in the newspaper (even though she’s a perfect Virgo). But on a whim, she buys a silver frame and decides to keep intact its photo of a smiling blonde woman whose curious collections were sold that night.

Soon afterwards, a series of strange events completely upsets Olivia’s orderly world. Various ghostly manifestations of former showgirl Lily Lamoureaux shake up Olivia’s personal beliefs. A number of break-ins at Olivia’s home, with nothing stolen, defy explanation. Scary as these events are, there’s an upside. The investigating detective is an attractive guy named Dave Lowenstein who may almost meet Olivia’s carefully listed criteria for a husband.

Olivia’s orderly life becomes increasingly complicated and perilous as evidence surfaces of Mafia involvement in Lily’s death. Seeking revenge, Lily’s ghost draws Olivia and Dave ever deeper into danger as their investigations escalate into a fast-moving, spine-chilling adventure that culminates on the 4th of July in an explosive conclusion.

NOW AVAILABLE The Divine Circle of


The serenity of summer in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is rudely disturbed when a rabid preacher and his ragtag following begins to picket military funerals, liberal churches, and Pagan businesses. This hateful campaign naturally rouses the ire of the Circle of Five: Deidre, Phillipa, Heather, Fiona, and Cass, ladies who follow the Wiccan way—especially since Deidre’s Faeryland is one of the targeted shops.

Before they have time to thwart the preacher for good and all, however, Heather, with characteristic enthusiasm, throws herself into an archeological “dig” at the Morse Homestead in Salem where American Indian artifacts have been unearthed in the strata below the historic “witch” house. Great fun, until a mysterious sniper starts wounding and killing members of the team. Rushing to Heather’s aid, the ladies find themselves lodged in a haunted inn, which, along with an unearthly cold spot at the foot of the stairway, also offers a congenial bar where the five often gather to plan their strategy and fortify their spirits.
Believing that they have confounded the Salem Sniper, the Circle heads home, only to encounter a new challenge. A little girl named Molly Larsson has disappeared! The Circle resolves to employ all their witchy arts and off-the-wall brainstorms to find her. Mayhem, mischief, and magic are non-stop in this exciting new adventure for Cass and her Circle.

The 8th Cass Shipton Adventure
As the Harvest Moon rises over the Atlantic, the fantastic five embark on an adventure that spans two continents--coming to the aid of a disturbed ex-model in Plymouth, Massachuetts, then flying off to Rome, Italy, to rescue a dear friend and paint the town their own brand of reckless red.
The 7th Cass Shipton Adventure
THE DIVINE CIRCLE OF LADIES TIPPING THE SCALES The ladies of the Circle are rushing to the rescue again, crusading for the Goddess of Justice in their own preternatural way—even if that means tipping Her scales a bit.
The 6th Cass Shipton Adventure
All aboard for high seas and misdemeanors! A cruise through the Bermuda Triangle--right in time to celebrate Samhain. How can Cass Shipton and her bewitching circle resist such an enchanting prospect?
The 5th Circle Adventure
The bewitching ladies of the Wiccan Circle of Five have returned for more crime-solving escapades on the historic South Shore of Massachusetts.
The 4th Circle Adventure
The most fascinating women in Plymouth MA are back in action solving a case of multiple poisonings with their unorthodox recipe of magic, clairvoyance, and good old common sense. Kensington Books 2005
Kensington Books, November 2003.
Kensington Books, March 2003.